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The Loire Valley has a production of several sorts of wines: rosé, white, red, sparkling… It offers such diverse terroirs that one may find as many as 69 appellations.


The white Amboise is a wine made of grapes pineau de la Loire (or chenin) :

Sparkling wines

They are light and very pleasant for aperitifs, desserts and any good time between friends.

Dry wines

They are dry, semi-dry or sweet depending on the sunshine. Dry ones match perfectly fish and seafood, when semi-dry ones match cold meats and fish in sauce. Sweet ones, with honey flavours are true wonders for foie gras or aperitif.



The rosé, contrary to the red wine, obtained with a maceration of the full berries, i.e. including their skins, is made from the same red grapes, but pressed upon its arrival at the cellar or 24 hours later, when the desired color is there. It does not go into oak barrels and is bottled early to keep its freshness. Drink fresh, but not frozen.



The red wines, made from a blend of grapes cabernet, côt and gamay, reveal their whole expression: it’s the cuvee François Ier, matching any meal from light dishes to game. It can also be aged for some years.

 la Touraine. Ce vin blanc pétillant est élaboré avec différents cépages selon le territoire (sol et climat).

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