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Da Vinci's heritage at the Clos Lucé

In The castle of the Clos Lucé, Leonardo da Vinci was very prolific. In his working cabinet, he drew the construction plans of a magnificent palace and of the ideal city of Romorantin, that was to welcome the Court. In Leonardo's codex, one can discover a series of studies, plans and drawings representing this amazing project.

He worked on the project of draining the Sologne area and imagined dismantable houses for the travelling Court.


The four rooms underground allow to understand Loenardo's diverse knowledge: hydraulic, civil and military engineering, mechanics...

The 6 3D animations and 40 models illustrate the diversity of Leonardo da Vinci's inventions: aircraft, car, helicopter, tank... These models, realised by IBM according to Leonardo's original drawings with the time's materials, show Leonardo's visionary genius.


A genius that King Francis 1st appreciated so much, that he often used the underground passage, whose vaulted access can be seen in the mansion's underground, to visit Loenardo. It connected the Clos Lucé to the Royal Castle of Amboise.

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