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The Val de Loire and Unesco

The Loire Valley is the largest site in France every listed as a World Heritage by the UNESCOas Living cultural landscapes, since 2000. 280km long, 800km² from Sully-sur-Loire to Chalonnes-sur-Loire.

Ii includes 2 regions, 4 districts, 6 urban areas, 11 territories, 1 regional natural park, 160 communes and is home to 1,2 million people.


An exceptinal cultural landscape, the Loire Valley is full of historical towns and citiesgreat architectural monuments and cultivated lands, shpaed by centuries of ineraction between the people and theur phycispalm environement, including the Loire itself.


The Loire has its spring in the Ardèche district. It is France’s longest river with 1013 km.

In the 15th and 16th century, the Loire Valley was chosen as Royal Residence, hence the nickname of « Royal River ».

It is also a climatic border, as the rain is weakest and the temperature highest to the south of the river.

Today, many people act

to make this heritage even more attractive,

such as:


La maison de la Loire in Montlouis-sur-Loire

It has a mission of information, awareness and education: make the Loire heritage be known and loved, no matter if it is natural, historical or human, in order to preserve it and promote its great richness.;">Information and rates

60 quai Albert Baillet
Tél. : 02 47 50 97 52
Fax : 02 47 50 81 93
http://www.maisondelaloire37 ou



Association « Millière Raboton, homme de Loire » in Chaumont-sur-Loire

Batellerie Loire


Discoveries of the Loire in traditional boats. This association aims at developing cultural activities for the public, for a better knowledge and understanding of the Loire and its heritage.



Information and rates 

Association Millière Raboton
15 rue Parmentier - 41 000 BLOIS
Tel : 06 88 765 714 ou



La Ligérienne de Navigation with boat Saint Martin de Tours in Rochecorbon

A 50-minutes long journey on the water to discover a breathtaking landscape, an exceptional troglodytic heritage carved within the limestone cliff of Rochecorbon, the Loire and its isles, fauna and flora, following the lively comments of the captain!



Information and rates 

56 Quai de la Loire
37210 Rochecorbon
Tel : 02 47 52 68 88 et Fax : 02 47 52 63 92 ou

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