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Heritage day in Amboise

  • 10 am: Guided tour and workshop at the St Florentin Church in Amboise 

First, you will visit the church with a guide, who will explain each part of the curch and what kind of architecture is it. Then, in groups, pupils will take part to a workshop in order to understand and build different vaults of the Middle Age.

  • 12 pm: picnic lunch


  • 14 pm: Guided tour of the Royal Château of Amboise

As the first château of the Loire Valley influenced by the Renaissance, Amboise is the perfect example of the transition between the defensive style of the middle-ages and the elegant shapes of Italian Renaissance.

Comprend :

  • 1 Guided tour of the Royal Château of Amboise
  • 1 Guided tour of St Florentin Church
  • 1 Workshop at Saint Florentin Church
  • Handling fees
  • The mentioned free entries above

Ne comprend pas :

  • The picnic lunch
  • Personal expenses
  • Transportation
  • Français
  • English