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Ah, the winter season! So hard to keep the children busy when the sun is not there. For those of you who lack inspiration, we give you 5 ideas of family activities during the holidays, within 10 minutes from the Tourist Office…


Get yourself dressed up for a royal party

This guided tour of the Royal Chateau of Amboise is dedicated to children aged 7-10. It includes a fun workshop where children learn to design their own party mask. In their disguise, the children then discover the secrets of the first palace ever built in the Renaissance periodn and its most famous host, King Francis I. In French only. Upon reservation.

Amboise Châteaux de la Loire

Dive in the seven seas

The Grand Aquarium de Touraine has seen it big for the winter holidays! Every afternoon at 3.30, one aquatic zone or one species is under the highlights. Are sharks evil? How many teeth does a crocodile have? Why is the clown-fish red? What does a catfish eat? So many questions whose answers will be told under the tropics in Lussault-sur-Loire.

Amboise Châteaux de la Loire Vacances d'hiver

Be Leonardo da Vinci’s Guinea Pig for a day

The greatest genius in the History has designed a great deal of extraordinary machines. Fly, drive, sail, fight… His avant-garde projects have enabled to build incredible machines, that visitors are invited to try on in the park of Chateau du Clos Lucé. Make most of your visit to wander within the master’s workshop, listening to his great advice. Who knows, you might as well be the world’s next genius?

Amboise Châteaux de la Loire Clos Lucé Vacances hiver

Train for the Olympic Games

No need to drive across the country to master skating and triple loops! Every day until March 10th, the ice-rink welcomes you to Amboise, opposite the Tourist Office. Enjoy some great events every Wednesday afternoon; on Saturday from 8.00 to 10.00 pm, it’s music time! And with the sun shining, it’s even better! So on your marks, set, skate!

Amboise Châteaux de la Loire patinoire vacances d'hiver

Take your bikes out of the garage

the sun is shining for the holidays, and the weather is warm. What about taking your bikes out of the garage and going for a ride on the riverbanks? From Amboise, cycle along the royal river towards the West to Lussault. In this season, the Loire deserves more than ever its nickname of “Europe’s last wild river”. Back home, enjoy a well-deserved hot beverage and some cookies!

Amboise Châteaux de la Loire à Vélo vacances hiver


Looking for more ideas? Visit now our agenda and find out what’s on in and around Amboise!



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