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Who never dreamt of being Phileas Fogg, the hero of Around the World in 80 Days? I had the chance to be Phileas for a few hours last spring.


Guided by a gentle breeze

It is a warm and sunny evening as I board the basket of an impressive multi-colored hot-air-balloon. We have barely left the ground that a famous outline appears: the romantic chateau of Chenonceau surrounded by its beautiful gardens. The clicks of our cameras resonate as the monument shows itself and like all the passengers, I just enjoy the moment, hardly disturbed by the sound of the balloon’s burner. The time has stopped as we glide above this marvel of the Loire Valley.

A gentle breeze guides us above a golden ocean

The perfume of rapeseed

We follow the course of river Cher on which some canoes paddle. A little down sound the voices of some bicycle lovers going along the river trails. Further north, two kids play while their parents take the picnic out of their bags. A gentle breeze then guides us above a golden ocean in which we see our shadow: rapeseed are blossoming and their strong smell invades the basket. Showing great skills, our pilot brushes past the flowers that bow on the passage of our great bird.

A very soft landing

The forest appears and we fly above the treetops. It is very quiet in the woods, hardly disturbed by the frantic race of a hare, scared by our giant vehicle. As the forest leaves space to the plain, it is already time to land on earth. The landing, just like the rest of the flight, is very gentle; within a few seconds, we have landed. The sun slowly disappears behind the treetops and we enjoy a very friendly moment with our pilot, who invites us to a delicious tasting of local produces, wonderful conclusion of an unforgettable experience!


To live the unique experience of flying a hot-air balloon 🙂


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Chenonceaux by boat
Chenonceaux by boat

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