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We followed the costumed guided tour of Château Clos Lucé with Leonardo da Vinci’s charming cook and maid. Mathurine made us travel through time and relive the history for an hour.

A journey into the Italian master’s universe

A great discovery of the Château Clos Lucé with a guide who took us into her master’s universe, from the bedroom where he died to the models room where forty of his greatest inventions are exhibited. We saw his bed, his workshop with all his tools and the dining room; in the kitchen, Mathurine told us what people ate at the time.


Our guide wonderfully made the kids participate, reminding everyone, both young and old visitors, the great memories of the French kings. She told us plenty of little stories about her master’s daily life in the Clos Lucé, but also about his greatest visionary creations. Such a genius! The kids and the adults alike were captivated by her dynamism and her guiding skills. Not anyone switched off for just a second.

An outstanding and fascinating tour which I can only recommend !

The kids and the adults alike were captivated by her dynamism and guiding skills.



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Discounted tickets

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