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In 2019, Amboise celebrates the greatest mind in human history: Leonardo da Vinci! For the occasion, dozens of special events will take place in Amboise, all year long. With as many themes as music, food, lifestyle, street arts, dancing, sound & lights shows… there will be one event for every taste! With such a rich programme, it’s hard to highlight a specific one, as we wish we could attend all of them. Very subjectively, here is a Top 5 of 2019 Da Vinci events in Amboise!


Banquet 500 ans Renaissance Amboise Val de LoireRenaissance Dinner

What about having dinner at Leonardo’s table ? On Saturday 22nd June, nice Renaissance flavors will perfume the royal château’s tunnel. The Tourist Office Amboise Loire Valley invites you to a feast which would have delighted King Francis I. The best of the Renaissance dishes prepared by historical cook Sieur Sausin, musical and theatrical interludes will be on your programme, not to forget some great moments of laughter! Book it now on


Leonardo’s work comes to life at the Château du Clos Lucé

Did you know ? If you want to behold Da Vinci’s complete painted work, you have to fly around the world, as his paintings are exhibited throughout the planet ! From the end of 2019, no need to purchase an open airline ticket! The chateau Clos Lucé invites you to live an outstanding immersive experience discovering all of Leonardo’s 17 masterpieces. Thanks to VR, you are taken live into the work of genius, the engineering, the architecture. We’re so looking forward to the grand opening!

Nouvelle scénographie Clos Lucé 2019 Amboise Val de Loire


Collaborative construction

From May 13th to 19th, the city of Amboise invites you to live an extraordinary collaborative experience. Led by plastic artist Olivier Grossetete, this participative project has the ambition to create a real size bridge from scratch, using only cardboard, scotch tape and all the local energies possible! Creation from May 13th, elevation on May 18th and festive destruction on May 19th. Ready, set, tape up !


Bal Renaissance Château Amboise Val de LoireRenaissance dancing at the Royal Chateau

Do you like to move your body every weekend on the dancefloor ? Then meet up on July 24th at the Royal Chateau of Amboise to prove your skills. Your breakdancer abilities will be of no use as we speak there about Renaissance dancing! With live music by Le Banquet du Roy and the participation of a traditional costumed troop, the event will give you the opportunity to initiate yourself to the dancing and music, which King Francis would have much appreciated, in the magnificent setting of the Royal Chateau. By the way, don’t forget to bring out your nicest 16th century costumeJ


Digital sound & light show on the l’Île d’Or

An event sure to be one of this year’s highlights ! The region Centre-Val de Loire proudly presents « Viva Leonardo », an extraordinary sound & light show on a water screen. Free of charge, this digital, poetical and fantasy show invites the spectators to relive the great moments of Leonardo da Vinci’s amazing life, as well as its outstanding work, in a spectacular special effects show. A link between nowadays new technologies and the avant-gardist work of the Italian master. Meet up on the Île d’Or, behind the soccer stadium.

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Harbour Malcolm - The 5th July 2019

It would be helpful to provide dates and times of performances

gregory - The 08 July 2019

Dear Malcolm, we thank you for your question. If you are interested in the final show advertised in our article (= the digital show on Île d'Or), it will take place on September 20th. We hope to see you there :-)

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