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Amboise night tour

Early August, we followed the brand new night tour organised by the Amboise Tourist Office. Follow our steps and let yourself be lulled by the tales and legends of Amboise and the Loire Valley.

Visite guidée nocturne Amboise Val de Loire

The legend of the twin sisters

Once upon a time, the rivers Seine and Loire were twin sisters. But as they did not get along, they had to be separated. Today, as the winding and untroubled Seine enjoys her gentle way towards the Channel, the turbulent Loire rushes to the Atlantic Ocean. This lovely and poetic legend was the starting point of Amelie’s visit on the heights of the royal river. We are forty visitors, including several families with children. Each of us received a little multicolored lantern, that reminds me the happy 14th of July of my childhood.

Small alleys and cobblestone streets

Visite guidée nocturne Amboise Val de Loire

We now walk along the river Loire for a few minutes, and learn that the name Amboise comes from this very location “between the waters” of river Loire and its tributary Amasse. Here comes the fountain Max Ernst, dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci and to the animals from La Fontaine’s Fables. A few meters later, the quietness of the cobblestone streets is troubled by some music. We are on Place Michel Debré, the effervescent heart of the city. While on the terraces, the amateurs of great food finish their deserts, a local rock band thrash about in front the crowd. Our guide’s voice is hard to hear in this festival-like atmosphere.

Visite guidée nocturne Amboise Val de Loire

La féérie du château d’Amboise illuminé

We now reach the Loire to find some quietness; as the darkness comes, our lanterns begin to twinkle. A perfect atmosphere for the next legend, where we learn that young Loir’s angers were once measured flooding measuring scale. Let’s walk across the bridge Leclerc and join the Île d’Or (“gold island”). If you want to know why it’s named so, then follow the tour 🙂 The audience cheers as the breathtaking illumination of the Royal Chateau appear. The lanterns laying on the ground around the group give the scene an enchanting aspect. One last legend and it is already time to leave. Let’s enjoy the final minutes to marvel at the extraordinary sight given by the sparkling of the chateau in the waters of the river.

A fascinating tour in a marvelous night summer atmosphere!

Nous rejoignons la Loire pour retrouver un peu de quiétude, et à mesure que l’obscurité se fait, nos lampions se mettent à scintiller. Une atmosphère parfaite pour la prochaine légende, celle du petit Loir, dont les colères se mesuraient jadis sur une échelle des crues. Traversons maintenant le pont Leclerc, et rejoignons l’Île d’Or (pour connaitre le pourquoi du comment de ce nom, suivez la visite…) La vue est merveilleuse ! Des Oh et des Ah résonnent parmi le public, et pour cause : les illuminations du château royal sont à couper le souffle. Les lampions posés tout autour de nous donnent un aspect féérique à la scène. Une dernière légende, et il est déjà temps de se quitter. Profitons de quelques minutes de plus à contempler l’extraordinaire spectacle qu’offre le scintillement du château dans les eaux de la Loire.

Une visite passionnante dans une merveilleuse ambiance estivale de clair de lune !

The night tour takes place on Thursday from August 1st to 22nd at 9.00 pm (in French)


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