Romantism at its best

No other monument represents more the Loire Valley’s romanticism than the chateau of Chenonceau. An extraordinary witness of the rivalry between Catherine de Medici and Diane de Poitiers, the Ladies Chateau was indeed marked by the enlightened stay of several queens, princesses, women of letters and great minds who shaped the Renaissance jewel to their image.

Château de Chenonceau

An emblematic outline

As you walk down the great natural entrance alley, the monument seems to be hiding. You first discover the Tour des Marques, remains of the old castle. Then, as you wander in the heart of the beautiful gardens, the chateau unveils a very different outline. The main gallery stands indeed on top of five impressive arches across river Cher, where a few canoes in search of sensations drift here and there.

Château de Chenonceau en Val de Loire - Amboise


An enchantment for all senses

Whether you just relax in Catherine de Medici’s gardens, behold the copper pots in the kitchens or enter into the melancholic world of Louise de Lorraine, a visit to Chenonceau is a delight for your senses. Within the park, the 16th century farm and its vegetable garden take you into the countryside. The wonderful vegetal maze is the promise of memorable hide-and-seek games.

The Christmas magic

The château of Chenonceau is open all year around. Yet, it truly shows its greatest finery for the Christmas season. The chateau’s florists work three months ahead of the holidays to imagine and prepare flower arrangements to embellish each of the rooms, lounges and kitchens. Take a moment to sneak into their workshop to behold their unique magic.


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Château de Chenonceau
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Since July 1st 2021, the reservation of a time slot is mandatory in order to visit the chateau of Chenonceau.


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Discounted tickets

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Chenonceaux by boat

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