In late 1516, Leonardo da Vinci settles in a small red brick house, away from the Court’s tumult. Day after day for the next three years, from extraordinary celebrations to gigantic projects, he’s going to enthrall all his guests with his ingenuity, creativity and inventiveness.


Clos Lucé


In the Maestro’s intimacy

In his bedroom opening onto the gardens, we imagine the old man being escorted to his impressive four-poster bed by his Milanese servant Battista da Villanis. In his accurately reconstructed workshop, we picture him passing his tips to his disciple and friend Francesco Melzi. From his armchair at the far end of the dining room table, we listen with great pleasure to the secrets of Mona Lisa’s smile, unveiled to a fascinated king Francois I. In front of the kitchen’s fireplace, we finally see Mathurine pouring some hot soup into her master’s bowl, before plucking a peacock and stuffing it with wild mushrooms, for the greatest delight of the king.

Passing the gate of the Clos Lucé is like entering the daily intimacy of the Italian genius

An interactive open-air museum

The seventeen acres of Park Leonardo da Vinci are a delight for the eyes and fill with joy both young and old visitors. Two dozens machines imagined by the Italian genius are a call for adventures. One can try to fulfill Leonardo’s greatest dream, fly like a bird, before attacking an invisible fortress onboard the incredible tank. On the riverbank, one understands the logic of the great inventor while working the endless screw before beholding one of his works of art, hung onto the branches of a venerable oak tree.

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