The metamorphosis of Chaumont

Chaumont sur Loire is the power of a medieval fortress that would have slowly been turned into an elegant Renaissance castle. We owe the origin of the transformation to the most famous royal mistress: Diane de Poitiers. Evicted out of Chenonceau by Catherine de Medici, she starts some great works in Chaumont, giving it its current outside appearance. Still today, the impressive figure built on top of a cliff enthralls the visitors travelling on the banks of the Royal River.

Domaine de Chaumont sur Loire

The luxury of its stables

The castle’s history has been marked by the life of the prince and princess de Broglie, who in the 19th century, refurnished the monument with all new modern comfort. If the castle’s guests marvel the comfort, the best-treated guests are definitely the estate’s horses. Marvelous stables are indeed built by architect Sanson and are then considered the most luxury in Europe. Do not miss a visit through these architectural wonders, which, like several other locations in the estate, are home today to some exceptional collections of modern art.

The Festival of Gardens as a high point

The climax of your visit in the park will definitely be the International Festival of Gardens. Every year between April and October, a selection of the best gardeners, landscapers and artists in the world show their “gardenish” vision of a universal theme. Perennial and exotic plants, artistic and visionary installations… a whole world awaits, between reality and imagination. And do not miss in July and August the Gardens of Light, an extraordinary Sound and Light in the most beautiful gardens of the Festival.


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