May 2nd 1519: Leonardo da Vinci passes away in his Clos Lucé’s bedroom, Amboise. So dies one of the greatest artists, humanists and minds in the history of humanity. He leaves behind an extraordinary heritage, celebrated worldwide, whose mysterious face of the Mona Lisa truly is a masterpiece. More than any other place, Amboise is nowadays connected to the life and work of the Tuscany master. His fame attracts yearly hundreds of thousands of visitors to the Loire city, and it is therefore more than normal to see Amboise getting prepared to give him the most deserved celebration for his 500th anniversary.

Find out about the events of this exceptional year in our What’s on page. Here’s a selection of this year’s highlights:



Celebrations & exceptional events

May 1st and 2nd – Château du Clos Lucé
The Clos Lucé celebrates the 500th anniversary
Two symbolic days, between cultural events and fun activities, concerts, creations, banquet, reenactments and other surprises [more details to come]

June 22nd – Tunnel of the Royal Chateau
Renaissance Banquet, organised by the Tourist Office Amboise Val de Loire
Great Renaissance Banquet cooked by  Sieur Sausin, historic Chef – Renaissance music, Theater, Magic

July 25th – Royal Chateau of Amboise
Renaissance dance by le Banquet du roy
In the wonderful setting of the Chateau’s great room, the audience is invited to initiate itself to Renaissance dancing. Rhythm assured by a traditional band with historical instruments. An authentic travel through time.

International Conference « Léonard de Vinci, précurseur de l’anatomie comparée, de la biomécanique, de la bionique et de la physiognomonie » [more details to come]

Auberge du Prieuré Clos Lucé Amboise Val de Loire

Concerts & shows

May 13th to 19th – Amboise city-centre
Participative construction
Visitors and locals are invited to erect a gigantic and short-lived construction, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci.

July 12th – Royal Chateau of Amboise
Concert « Leonardo, 500 years of celebrations »
Orchestre des Jeunes du Centre, directed by Simon Proust [more details to come]

July 18th to 20th – Château du Clos Lucé
Night show
An encounter with Leonardo da Vinci, his genius, and future universal myth.

July 24th – Royal Chateau of Amboise
Show« Lionardo » by the company La Sensible
The show focuses on Da Vinci’s life, from his birth to his arrival to Amboise.

September 28th – Château du Clos Lucé
Musical show « Carte blanche à Jordi Saval »
A never-seen show, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci and the Renaissance, imagined by Spanish composer and 10 musicians.


Amboise Val de Loire Clos Lucé Concert Jordi Saval 2019


May 2nd to September 2nd – Royal Chateau of Amboise
Exhibition « 1519, la mort de Léonard de Vinci : la construction d’un mythe »
Collections from the Bibliothèque Nationale de France, organised with the Fondation Saint-Louis.

May 2nd to September 2nd – Royal Chateau of Amboise
Andrea Mattoni aka RAVO, an Italian artist, will perform at the Royal Chateau for 10 days in April. He will paint live 5 works, then to be exhibited in the walls of Tour des Minimes.

June 1st to September 2nd – Château du Clos Lucé
Exhibition « La Cène de Léonard de Vinci pour François 1er, un chef d’œuvre en soie et en argent »
A tapestry commanded by King Francis I, which had never left the Vatican museums, next to 30 masterpieces let by other museums.


Exposition Clos Lucé - La Cène Léonard de Vinci

Grand opening October 2019

Château du Clos Lucé : Opening of 2 new areas
« Léonard de Vinci peintre » : An immersive tour and show giving life to the 17 painted masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinci

« Léonard de Vinci architecte » : A digital visit with 3D animations and VR presenting Da Vinci’s work as an architect.


Nouvelle scénographie Clos Lucé 2019 Amboise Val de Loire

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