Looking for a hotel? Find a hotel perfectly matching your tastes and budget! Stay in charming hotel or in a private mansion for a full experience “a la française”. Want to be close to all the stores, restaurants and nightlife? Choose a small hotel in Amboise old town…

Château de la Bourdaisière

Capacity: 29 room(s)

Hôtel Le Pavillon des Lys

Capacity: 9 room(s)

Domaine de L’Arbrelle

Capacity: 21 room(s)

Le Relais Chenonceaux

Capacity: 20 room(s)

Hôtel Choiseul – Val de Loire

Capacity: 30 room(s)

Château de Pray

Capacity: 19 room(s)

Le Cheval Blanc

Capacity: 8 room(s)

Les Pagodes de Beauval

Capacity: 127 room(s)