You like to be surprised and look for something typical? Then stay in unusual accommodation! Whether you’re an adventurer or just curious, you have such a large choice: in a yurt, a gypsy trailer, a cave house, a treehouse or a boathouse… there’s something to fill any wish.

Manoir de la Guepière

Capacity: 3 room(s)

Le Point de Vue de Léonard

Capacity: 6 people.

Au petit troglo

Capacity: 7 people.

Troglo de Léonard

Capacity: 4 people.

La Tonnelle

Capacity: 3 room(s)

Wine Trailer Chais Catherine

Capacity: 4 people.

La Toue Reine houseboat

Capacity: 4 room(s)

Les Voies Blanches

Capacity: 3 room(s)