The chateau of all superlatives

A symbol of all excesses, Chambord is one of the most extraordinary masterpieces of the Renaissance. With 440 rooms and 282 chimneys, it impresses anyone entering its venerable walls. And imagine that it was « just a simple hunting residence », worth the passion of King François I.

Château de Chambord

A symbol of the King’s power

A 20-year-old King, winner of the Battle of Marignano, François I wants to mark the beginning of his reign with a great symbol. In the heart of the Loire Valley, in an area abounding in game, he commands the construction of the most extraordinary palace, on which some of the greatest artists of the Renaissance will work. From the ground floor to the terraces, from the salamander-decorated ceilings to the Lili flower, Chambord is an ode to King’s power. The central double staircase, probably imagined by no other than Leonardo da Vinci, still fascinates the visitors after five centuries. From the terraces, the whole estate can be viewed, just like the beautiful French gardens, replanted in 2017, whose perfect geometrical lines are marvelous to behold.

An abounding wildlife

Still nowadays, Chambord is indivisible from its forest and abundant wildlife. The largest fenced park in Europe, it is home to a large population of deer, stags, boars living free within centenary trees. Enjoy some beautiful hiking and cycling trails to meet the wildlife or just walk along the quiet water of its canal. Who knows? You may witness the dive of an osprey or the epic fight of two roaring stags.


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