The capital of the French Renaissance

Some cities are worth a trip of their own; and Amboise is definitely one of them. Upon your arrival, you are struck by the power of History and the beauty of its white stone, so emblematic of the Loire Valley. A royal city, Amboise once was the laboratory of the French Renaissance. Down the main street, you can successively behold a magnificent chateau, imagined by a genius of architecture, before being amazed by the sculpted facade of a half-timbered house.

Some cities are worth a trip of their own…

A delight for your buds!

You are suddenly distracted by some delicious smells. It’s noon, and through the windows of the old town, you can recognize the sweet and sour flavors of the local specialties. You’re facing a huge dilemma: gourmet, bistro, wine bar, traditional, snack… ? Unless you make up your own picnic basket, filled with very tempting produces found within the alleys of the most beautiful farmers market in the Loire Valley!

Amboise- Crédit Delsignore Photography

Views that Amboise alone can offer 

Back on the riverbanks, you may be tempted by the beauty of the royal river. Will it be on foot or a bike, following the Loire à Vélo trail ? Unless you board an authentic riverboat, listening to tales and legends told by a true bargeman? No, today, you go canoeing! Let’s go for an adventure!  By the end of the day, you’ll deserve a tasting of the fruits of the local terroir, while enjoying views that Amboise alone can offer. Fulfilled with some wonderful memories, you will then rest in your cozy little nest, dreaming to come back!