Chateau’s life in Val d’Amboise

Welcome to Val d’Amboise, historic capital of the Loire Valley! And it’s not just some commercial slogan! Just look around you, in our towns, cities, hamlets… Everywhere you look are chateaus, built by some of the most powerful figures of the kingdom, which have lived throughout the centuries. Many of these chateaus proudly stand here in Val d’Amboise, heritage of the greatest days of the Renaissance.

What if we told you that you could, just for a day or two, live the chateau’s life? It probably ist the most ultimate experience one may live in the Loire Valley. For a night, a dinner, a tasting or just a tour, you just have to pick your Royal way of life!

Château royal d'Amboise, Châteaux de la Loire - Val de Loire

Visit the chateaus

If you’ve decided to visit us in Val d’Amboise, we bet that you intend to see our incredible heritage! No less than four of the greatest Loire chateaus stand here, so close to each other. Perfect for a discovery on your feet or by bike, and to live the splendor of the Renaissance.

Royal Chateau of Amboise : The first Renaissance chateau built in France, home to the kings Charles VIII and Francis I, and tomb of Leonardo da Vinci.
Chateau of the Clos Lucé : Leonardo da Vinci’s last residence, witness of his incredible creativity.
Royal Domain of Château Gaillard : The forgotten paradise of citrus, laboratory of the gardens genius Pacello da Mercoliano.
Pagoda of Chanteloup : The remains of Duke de Choiseul’s folly, an impressive 42-meters Asia-inspired tower.

Sleep in the chateau

After an exhausting sightseeing day, hiking or cycling trips, there’s nothing better than resting behind the protecting walls of a venerable monument. It is the promise that many chateaus offer you just a few miles from the Royal Chateau. They once belonged to nobles, war lords or princes and nowadays fill the visitors with great memories.

Château de Pray, Chargé
Château de Pintray, Lussault-sur-Loire
Château de la Barre, Mosnes
Château de Nazelles, Nazelles-Négron
Château de Perreux, Nazelles-Négron
Château de Noizay, Noizay
Château des Arpentis, Saint-Règle

Eat in the chateau

This is no secret that Francis I loved good food. No need to feast like the king to enjoy a privileged moment at the chateau’s table. Just seat around the fine table and let yourself be transported by the chef’s creativity.

Auberge du Prieuré Clos Lucé Amboise Val de LoireAuberge du Prieuré du Château du Clos Lucé, Amboise
Comptoir des Agrumes du Domaine Royal de Château Gaillard, Amboise
Salon de thé de la Pagode de Chanteloup, Amboise
Café du Château Royal d’Amboise, Amboise
Château de Pray, Chargé
Château de Noizay, Noizay

Taste wine in the chateau

King Francis I once said that the Amboise wines were divine. The slopes facing the Loire favour the making and ageing of great wines. And what’s more royal that to taste them seating in the backyard of a 17th century chateau?

Château de Pintray, Lussault-sur-Loire
Château de Montdomaine, Nazelles-Négron


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