The troglodytic experience in Val d’Amboise

The Chateaus of the Loire would be nothing without the legendary white stone known as tuffeau. This stone gives the most beautiful monuments a golden tint. For centuries, men have struggled to extract this white gold out of thousands of underground galleries. From Anjou to Touraine, cities and towns have developped over an extraordinary network of underground caves. Once the extraction period was over, men have used all the assets of this troglodytic universe. When the poorest found refugee under the earth, others used them to grow mushrooms and wines.

A visit to Val d’Amboise would not be complete without having lived one the many troglodytic experiences. For a simple tour underground, a night in a fresh cave-house, a dinner or a tasting deep down in a gallery, the troglodytic experience will leave you some unforgettable memories!

Visit a troglodytic site

greniers de cesar amboiseCaves Ambacia, 56 rue du rocher des violettes, Amboise : This tour will awaken all your senses, a few steps from the Royal Chateau, between the tradition of stone carving and the tasting of fine Loire wines.
Les Greniers de César (this tour is only possible with the Tourist Office): legend has it that the Romans carved this incredible underground site, dug out on the Loire banks. But we feel like we’ve already told you too much!

Just a few miles from Val d’Amboise
La Cave des Roches, Bourré : The conditions under the earth are perfect to grow mushrooms. Do not miss the amazing underground carved village!
La Magnanerie, Bourré : This site is a tribute to the underground silkworm farms that once provided the kingdom with homemade silk. This charming little bug enjoys the humidity and darkness of those caves…
Troglo Dégusto, Bourré : Follow the guide and do not get lost in these never-ending galleries! You would not be found before hours! Do not miss the beautiful street-art exhibits deep in the caves.

Sleep in a troglodytic house

An exhausted visitor from a very warm sightseeing day will dream about the freshness of his troglodytic bedroom! It is an unforgettable experience to be able to fall asleep under the protection of the rock, and to wake up when the first sun rays warm up the golden stones.

Le Fraggle Rock, Amboise
Au petit Troglo, Amboise
Les coteaux d’Amboise, Amboise
Le Point de vue de Léonard, Amboise
L’ancien pressoir, Amboise
Terra Alta, Nazelles Négron
Troglo Dit Gîte, Nazelles-Négron

Eat in a troglodytic restaurant

Enter a troglodytic restaurant and feel the protection of the stone. Our traditional or gourmet troglodytic restaurants invite you to live some incredible gastronomic experiences!

La Cave aux Fouées, Amboise
Bistrot l’Oppidum, Amboise
Le Pied dans le Plat, Mosnes
Les Caves de la Croix Verte, Pocé-sur-Cisse

Wine tasting in troglodytic caves

A constant temperature of 12-13 degrees, high humidity level and complete darkness. These conditions are perfect to grow and age some of the best wines in the Loire Valley. In Val d’Amboise, several wineries wlecome you for tours and tasting. Many of them own parts of the underground galleries. Find out more about the caves open to visitors and make your choice.


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Discounted tickets

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Chenonceaux by boat

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