Pagode de Chanteloup

The Duke’s folly

The Chanteloup Pagoda is above all living evidence of a man’s folly: the Duke of Choiseul.

Banned from Versailles by King Louis XV, his former prime minister commanded the construction on his lands in Amboise of a giant monument, inspired by China, and dedicated to his remaining faithful friends. Once at the center of a French garden covering over 10.000 acres, it nowadays is unique remains of a gigantic palace, equal to Versailles.

The Chanteloup Pagoda offers extraordinary views over Amboise and the surrounding forest

A slender look pointing our to the sky

Upon his arrival on the estate, the visitor is astonished by the beauty of this monument and its slender look. From the top of its 44 meters, it offers 360° views over the city of Amboise and the Loire Valley on one side, and the deep forest on the other side. Depending on the time of the day, the Pagoda’s vertical shadow majestically reflects on the half-moon pond at its basement, or onto venerable centenary trees in the forest.

The promise of wonderful relaxing moments

While visiting the Chanteloup Pagoda, take time to wander along the great canal, behold its reflection from a rowboat or meditate within the relaxing atmosphere of its Chinese garden. Young and old alike will surely enjoy playing some of the fifty wooden games in the park, which will take them into the happy pleasures of the 18th century smart set. For a family outing, a friendly picnic or just some relaxing time, the exceptional setting of the Chanteloup Pagoda is an invitation to quietness and contemplation, the promise of amazing memories.

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Pagode de Chanteloup
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