What if you took the time in Amboise to visit ALL the chateaux of the Loire? Does this seem impossible? Then come to the Parc des Mini-Châteaux for a discovery of 44 of the greatest Chateaux of the Loire.

Parc des Mini-Châteaux

The chateaux of the Loire with giant steps

Within a 5-acre flowered park, you visit all the chateaux with giant strides, discovering the most emblematic monuments in the Loire Valley: the château of Chambord, a gigantic symbol of King François I, the château of Chenonceau, marvelous feminine palace, the château Clos Lucé, last home of Leonardo da Vinci… Faithfully constructed with a 1/25 scale, these jewels of the French heritage unveils all of their angles. Notice all the details of the facades, the chiseled chimneys, the keeps and moats, not to forget the wonderful gardens, harmoniously reproduced, from Villandry to Fontevraud and Cheverny.

At the Parc  Mini-Châteaux, you are like Gulliver wandering within the jewels of the Loire Valley

Attractions for the young adventurers

For the young explorers, several attractions and activities are included all along the visit, for the most incredible memories of the Parc des Mini-Châteaux. Speed addicts will drive the track aboard their mini-Bugatti while horse lovers will ride the Chat’o Galop. For the acrobats, the bouncy castles will be able to respond to their most inventive acrobatics.

Crazy tours

You come to visit the Park during the summer holidays? Then embark for some crazy adventures with Brother Lagourdasse and Lady Charlotte telling the most amazing stories about the Loire chateaux. A tour full of great jokes and interactivity for the pleasure of young and old alike (limited schedule).

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Discounted tickets
Discounted tickets

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Chenonceaux by boat
Chenonceaux by boat

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