Have yourself a little treat with the finest local produces. There are so many great addresses waiting just a few steps away. Traditional, gourmet, brasserie or pizzeria, there is an address to match any taste!


La Scaleta

Categories: PizzeriaTheme restaurant

Specialities: Organic cuisineTraditional cuisineVegetarian cuisine

Capacity: 175 covers

La Terrasse

Categories: Pancake barTheme restaurant

Capacity: 180 covers

La Réserve

Categories: Traditional cuisine

Capacity: 80 covers

Restaurant l’Ecluse

Specialities: European cuisineGastronomic cuisineFrench regional

Capacity: 60 covers

La Cave

Categories: Traditional cuisine

Specialities: Gastronomic cuisineTraditional cuisine

Capacity: 300 covers

Ma Petite Fouée

Categories: Traditional cuisineTheme restaurant

Specialities: French regional

Capacity: 50 covers


Categories: BrasserieTraditional cuisine

Specialities: Traditional cuisine

Capacity: 135 covers

Anne de Bretagne

Categories: BrasseriePancake barTraditional cuisine

Specialities: French regional

Capacity: 125 covers