It’s your first time in Amboise and you don’t know where to start? Or you have specific needs and aren’t sure where to find accurate information? Well don’t worry. The Val d’Amboise  Tourist Office is there to share with you its great tips for a perfect vacation in Amboise.

I don’t have a car. What can I visit? around Amboise

You came by train and wonder how you can discover the area? First of all, you should know that Amboise is very easy to visit by foot. Most of its monuments, stores and services are located within a very small district. Many hiking trails depart from Amboise and take you through the nearby forests and vineyards. If you’d rather see the region from the sky, hot-air-balloons, helicopters and ultralights planes fly above the chateaux! And for the more adventurers, canoes and traditional boats take you for cruises on river Loire or river Cher. On your feet, on water or in the air, the Chateaux of the Loire shine from any point of view! Unless you’d rather discover them on your bike… In which case what follows in for you!


Vue de l'étang de La Varenne de Lussault-sur-Loire

For the cycling enthusiasts

First of all, there’s no need to come with your own bike to enjoy the many cycling trails around Val d’Amboise. Several bike rental companies, including e-bikes, are located in the historical center of Amboise.For a good start, look for the bridge! It’s the starting point for most of the cycling routes. Ride along river Loire westwards following the Loire a Vélo. It’s flat, 100% off-roads and embracing the most beautiful landscapes of the Loire. Tours isn’t that far. For a change, go on loop n°47 through the forest. It connects Amboise to the Cher valley, with amazing views of the chateau of Chenonceau.


Amboise-Tours : 27km

Amboise-Chenonceau : 20km



It’s raining. What can we do in Amboise?

Photographie de Nicolas Viollet lors de sa démonstration au Conservatoire de la Confiserie à Amboise


You don’t need an umbrella to make most of the Grand Aquarium de Touraine with its hundreds marine species. Our favorite? The giant and scary silurid fish, typical of the river Loire. Unless you’d rather be tempted by the sweet flavors of the Conservatoire de la Confiserie. Fancy a little treat? You can make your own lollipop. And if you’re more of the liquid kind, push the door of a troglodytic cellar and share a privileged moment with an enthusiast winemaker.




Immersion in the vineyards

Photographie de la méthode de vendange manuelle en tenant la grappe de raisin et en coupant au sécateur pour déposer le raisin dans un seauCellars and wineries will very likely make you live unique experiences, at the winemakers’ contact. What if you shared, for just one day or a fwe hours, the work of the harvest team? Outdoor lunch pruner. Or a summer picnic between the vines, lulled by the birds singing? Well the Tourist Office has more than one trick up its sleeve!



Just Waouh!

Vue sur l'Île d'Or depuis la ville d'AmboiseWhen the sun comes down onto the Loire waters, have a seat on the beach on the Île d’Or. Look in front of you. A giant hot-air-balloon takes off from the nearby shore. It’s magic! And with a glass of Touraine-Amboise or some local goat cheese, the Waouh effect is even bigger!


Keeping the children busy

Photographie de l'écran d'accueil de l'application Baludik et son premier point "Comment jouer ?"


Dubbing young brave knights or crowning pretty princess, it’s our specialty! Download the app Baludik and enjoy our treasure hunts to discover, for free and at your own pace, the rich variety of monuments and activities in Val d’Amboise. With as a climax this unforgettable moment for your children!



We hope that the Tourist Office great tips will be useful. We have more here, so stop by our desk!


Discounted tickets
Discounted tickets

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Chenonceaux by boat
Chenonceaux by boat

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